RE: F-Bombs for Feminism

*Warning: Discussions of Feminism and foul language*

I took the three minutes out of my life to watch the F-Bombs for Feminism video, and I get where the makers of the video were coming from. I support what the messages the video talks about. It’s taking a bat to a misogynistic bees nest and stopped sugar coating what Feminism is fighting for, and why so many women feel righteous fury (being judged on their appearance, the wage gap, and rape culture). Also, the swearing doesn’t really affect me as I’ve seen so many worse things on the internet (just drop a line to to see jokes about rape, 9/11, and the holocaust to see what I mean). I do feel though that the product placement of the T-shirts and the subliminal advertising were unethical (mentioned previously on my re-blog) since I don’t see equality as something that’s great to make money on. So my understanding has increased, but my opinion remains unchanged. If you disagree then I won’t argue with you over that, but please don’t judge me for making choices and having opposing viewpoints from yours.

And in case anyone else hasn’t watched the video yet, here it is: