Walking Dead 5:07 “Crossed” Recap

I can still remember in college when my professors would say it’s unprofessional to write “good” and “bad” to describe something as a critic. While that may be true in a news paper, I call the shots when writing on my own time and style. I can also remember when I really got into The Walking Dead back in 2012, it was my senior year of college watching season three. Season five has been the best season we’ve had, but three will always be my favorite. This episode wasn’t a bad one, just not as good as some of the previous ones. I was hoping for more climactic moments in the episode, but it served to prep for the showdown with the cops at the hospital this coming Sunday.

What I enjoyed: seeing Daryl rip the head off of a walker and beat one of the cops was pretty epic, probably the most creative walker kill we’ve seen all season. I also enjoyed seeing Rick confront the cops and them being able to tell he used to a police officer himself. It was also really nice to see how the group dealt with Abraham after he assaulted Eugene. Seeing Beth get the power to defend herself again and save Carol. Lastly, it was nice to know that Eugene is still alive (even though he has very little plot relevance now).

What I didn’t enjoy: Seeing the cop knock Sasha unconscious, how Rick didn’t go with his plot to snipe all of the cops down, all of the jumping around to different characters, not knowing if Father Gabriel will betray or abandon Rick’s group (and how Gabriel has been acting vs how his character in the comics acted).

I felt this episode had great moments, but still has left a lot to be desired. As a matter of fact, season five started out with a big bang, and has slowly spiraled down to a regular drama. I’m sure the mid season finale coming up will fix that though. Stay tuned folks, the nice thing about me writing this on a Friday’s that Sunday isn’t so far away now.