Doctor Who “The Time of The Doctor” Christmas Special Review and Discussion

*Spoilers ahead*

“And now it’s time for one last bow, just like your other selves…

Eleventh’s Hour is over now, the clock is striking Twelves…”


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Many Matt Smith fans said their last heart filled goodbyes this Christmas Night as he left his iconic role as the 11th Doctor. The Christmas special was written by show runner Steven Moffat and it echoed all of his previous seasons starting from Series V. The plot was set on the planet Trenzalore (the Doctor’s future burial planet) in a town called Christmas. The Doctor was investigating a signal of unknown origin and was surprised to see all of his old enemies lingering about. Eventually the Doctor became the town’s protector and had to fend off his oldest foe; The Daleks.

Summaries obvious to fans aside, I really enjoyed the references to past seasons and how Moffat always knows how to balance drama, comedy, and nostalgia seen throughout the episode. Some of the highlights included: an aged toy making 11th Doctor remarking how the Daleks have been trying to kill him his whole life, and how it was old age that was going to finish the job. I also enjoyed Seeing how The Silence was formed and their fight against the Daleks alongside the Doctor, and how it was confirmed that Galifrey is still around and how they granted the Doctor a new regeneration cycle (Moffat, you clever devil you!) Lastly, the actual Regeneration it’s self was freaking epic as it was like a huge bomb going off and sent the Daleks back to kingdom come!

The only things I didn’t really like about the special is how they basically left the Oswald family sitting tight not knowing where Clara and the Doctor left, how River Song was absent from the special (with nods here and there though), and how long BBC America aired those stupid commercial breaks for. Speaking of impatience, the Oswalds must be starving waiting for that freaking turkey being baked by the TARDIS! And how will Clara explain where her “boyfriend” has gone now? Many questions remain.

As Matt Smith steps out I will always think of how I went from despising him during series V, to falling in love with his Doctor after watching Series VI and onwards. Smith went out like a total bad ass and I respect him for that. I should also point out that Smith’s regeneration felt more wholesome and happier than David Tennant’s regeneration, whom some people still wrongly give the 10th Doctor crap for today. The 10th Doctor went through many traumatic events and had every right to feel anguish to his last breaths. 11’s life cycle to me was The Doctor coming full circle and becoming whole again haven shaken off the trauma of the time war along with 9 and 10s escapades.

Now that Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor, I look forward to seeing Capaldi perform in the role and where things will go. Like many other Whovians, I’m going to miss Matt Smith very much.  On a separate note, I know that Steven Moffat is an unpopular show runner for Doctor Who to some, but I think the man is a very brilliant writer and I could careless anymore if he messes with the show’s continuity. To Moffat’s credit, writing about time travel can be a messy “timey wimey” affair.