We Are All Different

Many people say that to achieve equality we need to pretend race or other differences don’t exist. This is the wrong way to approach things because to deny or mock someone’s race, disability, heritage, sexual orientation, and gender is asinine. The best way to coexist is to acknowledge that we are all different in our own way, but we all have the same basic desires as human beings; to be loved, accepted, and live happy lives. We are all different in our own way, but at some point we all feel the same. That is how we can achieve harmony in our lifetime.


The Truth About Love

Love is a force of a nature that few truly understand. It is not something that can be bought or even earned, it just blossoms either overtime or in an instant. There are those who say that love’s the root of pain, others say it sets us free. In truth there are many kinds of love, but the best kind of love is the type we share with our friends and family and that we can extend to our fellow human beings. Personal love for another is beautiful, but shifts like the tide of the ocean and it’s absence causes chaos. Brotherly love is the unmovable rock in the raging river and will be the thing that brings us all closer together.


On Why I Will Always Love Animals

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

I’ve heard stories from my friends about how their first true friend was either their dog or cat (or any other type of pet). Well, this was also the case for me.

I still have early memories of my cat Jack being a great companion and semi-father figure to me. He was my first true friend. I also remember spending time with my babysitters dogs and knowing how they would do anything to protect me. Animals when they are raised correctly will love their humans unconditionally.

I love cats more than anything (dogs can detect cancer and do awesome tricks, but cats are still my favorite) because they are great companions for a person with depression.

I can remember back in 2010 I had received a 20 paragraph message threatening me for “being a terrible friend who didn’t his fair share of chores while we were on vacation” by someone who was himself a terrible
person. I was paranoid this guy would come after me, but my cat Starlight jumped on the bed where my ex lover and I were and began licking my face and purring through her nose to comfort me. This cat could tell I was upset, and did everything in her power to make me feel better.

Starlight was a great companion cat that I loved like a daughter, and she saw me as her “daddy” because I spoiled her like a daughter. She would always curl up and sleep on me when ever I was napping, and she would let me carry her to the kitchen to feed her. She was the right cat to have after I lost my other cat Jack (whom I wrote a blog on a while back.) Unfortunately, in 2011 Starlight got out one time with out her collar on and a wretched woman kidnapped Starlight and took her to a shelter. Starlight was later put down for attacking other cats in the shelter.

To add insult to injury my cat Chloe passed away in 2012, and my ex-girlfriend took my cat Rosie from me after we broke up (my ex gave me Rosie on my 21st birthday). So, I have been without pets since last year. But, I can always look to the future for more pets.

Most likely another cat, but perhaps a Dog someday. I like dogs, I just don’t know how to take care of then as I’ve never owned one. I know that dogs are loyal companions and valued family members, and they make amazing friends.

My problem lies with Dog owners who mock cat people as I was called “gay” once for liking cats by someone who I believe to be a dog owner on Facebook. I didn’t stay friends long with that type of a narrow-minded bigot.

Speaking of the narrow-minded, to see the most evil and ignorant animal on the planet we need only look in the mirror. Sure, other animals can go mad, but that’s only because of people tampering with their breed and/or abusing them. Humans who abuse defenseless animals are the most evil of all (I despise sociopaths like that for good reason).

Things like Psychosis and the state of being a sociopath are born traits, not raised. The same type of traits that lead people to harm defenseless animals to just make them feel better about themselves.

That’s not to say I dislike all humans though, for all the abusers there are also activists looking to save the animals passing laws to protect the animals and to rightfully punish the abuser. I just hope the day comes where we won’t need to make as many laws, and that sensibility will make an appearance around the world sometime soon.

I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being. – Abraham Lincoln


Life Reflections on a Saturday Evening

In New England, the days grow shorter and the warmth of the sun fades to the cruel cold of winter. Many of my friends are blinded by the majesty of Pumpkin flavored everything, the spirit of Halloween, and the historical significance Thanks Giving can hold for people from New England (Mass especially). People from out of the area love the scenery and the tourism that Autumn offers, but don’t know it as well as those who were raised here. Personally, my favorite season is Summer and I’d love to move to a state where it’s above 70 degrees year round because I can’t stand cold weather.

However, New England is where I’ve lived my whole life and probably where I want to go when I get buried many decades from now. I still need to travel to many other majestic locations around the US and around the world. But for right now, I am happy to have a full-time job and to be alive. I still feel a lot of angst over being single, but I think I’ve accepted my plight in that I just should be patient, meet new people, and see what happens. My FB friends would know I’ve been complaining a lot about my personal life as of late because I was loosing patience, but thanks to their help I’ve found my center again and I will continue to see how things go.

A few hours ago I was playing my bass along to the isolated bass track to “Schism” by Tool, and I put my bass down feeling depressed. I was depressed that I’ve spent a year learning a song that I don’t even care much about anymore (there are many BETTER songs by Tool). A little bit later as I was waiting for my small pizza to be delivered for dinner, I went on Facebook and found this video on the Breaking Benjamin FB page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151932163383168

It’s a solo guitar and vocal video of Ben Burnley playing the single “Dear Agony” from their 2009 album of the same name. I hated the song when it first came out, but in retrospect the lyrics speak to my inner pain that I’ve experienced over the last eight months. This performance moved me very heavily as I just want to sing in unison with the singer and express my feelings to the world. And as that vision occurs to me, I also realize that I have the dual gifts of my words and my voice to express how I feel, and who I am to everyone.

I love music, and it loves me. Though the days grow shorter and colder, I know that music will always be there for me; for it is the only art medium that I know that can appeal to multiple human senses and emotions.