Note to Self II

Be sure to announce to WordPress that Kevin is coming off of your blogging hiatus, Kevin will be blogging about more local bands, and let WP know that we are going to review Breaking Benjamin’s latest album. PS, find a decent editor for this blog since my last Game of Thrones review sucked. PPS, check with your therapist as to why you are referring to yourself in the third person on the internet.


On Hiatus for the Time Being

My blogs lately haven’t been that consistent with their release times. I’ve recently acquired a full time job and joined a band as an electric bassist and part time vocalist. You could say that since I haven’t written about music in a long time that I am now living it again, and I couldn’t be happier.

I can’t say WHEN I shall return, but when I do my blogs will be more in the style of social and political commentaries as well as music and TV reviews, with some amateur poetry on the side.

As a word of warning: I’ve held back my views as a Liberal and a supporter of Feminism in the past, but when I return I’m removing my gentlemen gloves and holding back nothing aside from morbidly offensive statements (key word morbidly). 

I would just like to take the time to thank all of my fans and subscribers, you guys are the reason I keep on writing.