Reflections on College Graduation

It’s time to dust off the digital cobwebs of this blog and cast off this loathsome writers block off of my shoulder and announce; I have graduated Cum Laud from college!!


This news does come with a negative side though; I’m no longer engaged to my now ex-fiance. I’m not getting into the specifics, but needless to say it’s been very hard for me since she left. From here on out I’ll be keeping my personal life out of my blogs.

Graduation day was long, and some of the speeches were not inspirational and very dry,┬ábut it was a great day overall. As I was waiting for my name to be called I couldn’t help but think of my humble beginnings at Salem State, the struggles I had faced, and even distant flashes of my high school graduation.

Time is truly the greatest force of change to the attitudes of mankind, as I never would have thought of making it this far when I was just an anti-social dude playing Xbox all throughout high school. But I did it, and the seeds of accomplishment are mine to reap. Unfortunately, so are the loans I’ve borrowed and the this miserable economy we live in.

The job hunt for me so far has taught me that temp agencies are the best route for corporate jobs, and that the best thing to do is have a relevant well organized unique resume that reflects who YOU are. People will endlessly critique your resume and change it to their idea of a perfect resume, and if you take that new resume to someone else they will change it to their liking and so-on (it’s an unending hair pulling process.) Lastly, show initiative before getting the job (going in person, research their history) and tell them how you can best be an asset to the company you applied too. Now, if only I could follow my own advice and get a job…

The important thing for me is to not give up hope, even though my future plans have changed pretty drastically from what they were in December. I would like to thank my family, friends, and loyal readers for getting me this far. I’ll keep pushing until I get further in life, and someday when the economy gets better I’ll be a Music Critic like I’ve wanted for the last four years.