Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 3 “Four Walls and a Roof” Review

*Spoiler Warning*




Well it would seem that fried chicken I ate last Sunday slowed down my writing reaction time as well as my metabolism. Funny how meat can mess with the mind sometimes. Anyways, this week’s episode was vastly better than last week’s episode due to the dramatic tension, the many references to the comic, and the how much better the pacing was this week with how much detail they fit in under an hour of screen time.

To summarize, we pickup from last week with seeing the remaining Termites eating Bob’s leg. Bob tells them they’re eating tainted meat because he got bitten in the previous episode. After throwing up and having a melt down the Termites drop Bob back off at the church, and begin a game of psychological warfare with Rick and his group. We then find Rick confronting father Gabriel about his past and find that father Gabriel locked out members of his congregation to die when the outbreak first happened, and Gabriel is still haunted by his cowardice in the present. After Bob goes inside the church, Abraham wants to protect Eugene so they can get to Washington and demands that Rick and his group join him without waiting for Carol and Daryl.

Rick Refuses Abraham and an argument breaks out, with Glenn making both agree to compromise: Abraham agrees to give Rick 12 hours to follow Rick’s plan to wipe out the Termites in exchange for taking Glenn and Maggie to Washington with Eugene and Lolita. Rick’s group divides up and sets a trap where half the group leaves for where the Terminus members are hiding, and keeps the other half of the group to hide in the church. The Termites take Rick’s bate and go inside the church threatening to kill all of the members including Judith. The Termite leader Gareth even offered father Gabriel safe passage if he betrayed Rick’s group. Eventually we see two of the termites get gunned down by Rick’s returning group, Gareth gets some of his fingers shot off. Gareth tries to weasel his way out of death by promising to leave Rick’s group alone, but Rick tells him how he’s a danger to other people, and that he “had a promise to keep” right before he bashed Gareth’s head in with his machete (the same weapon Rick mentioned he would kill Gareth with in the start of episode 5:01). h.

The Termites are then shot to death. Father Gabriel remarks “Why did this happen? This is the Lord’s house!” to which Maggie rebuts him “No it’s not, it’s four walls and a roof”. As the episode closes we see the group split like they had agreed to do, and Michonne offers her advice to comfort father Gabriel, and Daryl comes back through the bushes saying “All right, come out!” The film fades to black right after.

Hah, I swear AMC loves using their cliff hanger endings. I have to say that this episode felt like it should have been a half way season closer, not just the third episode because of how many subplots got wrapped up all at once. That being said, it was a great episode and shows that that AMC is making this their biggest season of The Walking Dead to date. My favorite moments had to be with Bob screaming at the Termites, “tainted meat!” I also loved seeing Rick fulfill his promise to Gareth, and seeing how the dynamics between Abraham and Rick keep unfolding. My only complaint is that I’m wondering where the story line can go from here for the next couple of episodes. We will have to wait and see for next Sunday.

Until next Sunday comes around, I highly recommend you all browse the internet for Walking Dead memes. This one that my friend Sam found on Tumblr is pure gold!