Breaking Bad “Blood Money” Review and Discussion

As a disclaimer, I’m not going to summarize the episode as I think everyone who likes the show has already seen it by now, and those who haven’t seen it yet SHOULD because the episode was amazing.

How is this episode awesome? Well, I enjoyed how Hank is now onto Walter and how it’s causing Hank great stress (Dean Norris plays this role very well). Walter is the same manipulative bastard that we all have come to love and despise at the same time, but knows his play world is starting to collapse around him. Jesse is starting to lose his mind from guilt over the events of the last half of the season, and surprisingly Skyler is slowly warming up to Walter again.

Memorable moments include Hank crashing his car, Skyler showing Lydia who’s boss through sheer intimidation while at the car wash, Walter grabbing the GPS, and of course the last ten minutes of the episode between Walter and Hank.

What I enjoyed most about the episode is how Hank dealt with the truth of the matter on Walter and how Hank punched Walter halfway across his garage. Walter reacting to the confrontation as both himself and his evil alter ego Heisenberg was basis for a huge “holy shit!” moment with how he managed to talk down someone as determined and physically strong as Hank.

Some fan theories have stated different things such as Hank killing himself, or Walter going in to shoot up Grey Matter after disappearing. While I could see both being possible, I’m unsure if that first theory would make sense for Breaking Bad; Walter is a heartless mastermind, not a brainless psychopath. Hank is too determined to catch Walter, but with the way “Heisenberg” told Hank to “tread lightly” it could be possible that Walt could screw with Hank’s head enough for him to end his life in such a manner.

A personal theory I have is that Jesse could end up betraying Walter and turning himself in because of how guilty he feels about everything he’s done so far. It shows to me that Jesse found a heart while Walter lost one. Also, I’m sure some people were confused by the opening of the episode, but my theory on it’s that Walter used the “vacuum guy” mentioned in season 4 to escape from Hank and the DEA. If I just predicted the rest of the season then somebody owes me dinner and a movie; if not then just exile me to watch this awesome show for the rest of my days.

“Blood Money” lived up to my expectations as a return for the best show in television, and I look forward to seeing the rest of the season play out.