First World Musician Problems

Being a musician, I feel that music is an incredibly spiritual force in my life that has been there for me through thick and thin. And as a Musician I listen to most forms of music much differently than other people. I live a different sort of life style which can bring great experiences, but also minor inconveniences (hence the tittle).

First World Problem Number 1: Hatred of Top 10 Songs

In my late teenage years (I turn 24 this November), I was head over heels obsessed with hard rock and Metal, and as such I hated pop music. My favorite bands were Rammstein, Metallica, Tool, and Iron Maiden. Being of the hard-rock background is probably half the reason I always seek out unique types of music to play and listen too instead of just listening to top 10 songs. I’ve always despised the idea of being in a top 10 cover band. Other musicians continue to tell me that playing pop music’s easy money (and how “that’s just how the biz works”), but until now I wasn’t willing to acknowledge the idea that crappy music would allow me to pay the rent. I’m not running out to play bass guitar or sing in a Top 40 band anytime soon, but I’ll do it if I have too (or have a change of heart).

F.W.P. Number 2: Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Yes it’s abbreviated GAS, laugh if you must.

Anyways, have you ever had that friend with a hobby who just buys endless amounts of merchandise for said hobby? Well, I’m one of those people who likes to buy a lot of guitars. The only problem is that as a starving artist type I have no spare money to purchase said guitars, so I often frequent places like Guitar Center or online outlets like Sweetwater to look at the new toy(s) I so deeply desire. My inability to acquire these guitars has caused me great frustration and sadness in the past. My biggest goal at the moment is to get a steady day job, then when I get off of my feet I can build my dream collection and personal recording studio.

F.W.P. Number 3: Not Having the Vocal Range I Desire

For those who don’t know me, I’ve always been a capable low Baritone and Bass vocalist in the quires I’ve joined in the past, and I’ve mostly been happy with having a lower vocal tone. However, a lot of my favorite musicians are all Tenors that often sing the notes that soar above my bass voice and it’s angered me many times that I can’t hit said higher notes. It’s hard to get gigs as a lead vocalist being a bass. But, at the same time there are many fascinating pieces and songs for people with lower pitched voices (Johnny Cash anybody?) So it could always be worse.

F.W.P. Number 4: Not Having Enough Time for Piano

Now I’m not saying that I’m a slouch¬†when it comes to building my chops on bass guitar or vocals, but I’m referring to a personal lack of devotion to re-learning how to play piano. Five years ago I stopped taking lessons, but continued playing at an intermediate skill level (just above child’s level)¬†for a few years. I’ve since stopped playing piano to focus primarily on electric bass and I’ve had anxiety of playing piano again, but I still want to play it. For now the job hunt prevents me from taking lessons once more, but YouTube is an amazing resource for learning music so I just need to find the time to get on the horse and eventually become excellent at all three musical pursuits.

So just like with everything else, I need to learn to take the good with the bad and continue onward into the sunset of someday performing music for money no matter how big or small the venue (or paycheck).

P.S. Now for those who wondering if I’m any good as a musician or singer, I’d reluctantly say yes. Here are some videos of my self that I’ve put on YouTube to prove it: