Game of Thrones 5.5 “Kill The Boy” Review

*Spoiler warning: Abandon hope for happy plot resolutions all who enter here*

So I previously stated that I have yet to read the books, but I will admit that I’ve been cheating and reading plot spoilers on Wikipedia. I won’t spoil anything in the books that I read, vicariously. I will say that some of things I’ve read have been causing me great amounts of distress though. For now, the show is providing me with enough headaches. On the plus side, reading the graphic novels has taught me to love comic books again.

Anyways, this last episode was awesome in how awkward and intense the moments were between Ramsay, Sansa, and Reek. The dining room scene was especially true of how awkward the interaction was between Ramsay and Reek, but I tip my hat to all of the actors. I especially tip my hat to Alfie Allen for his portrayal of someone struggling with their identity. I enjoyed seeing Tyrion and Jorrah interact with one another finally, especially when they were reciting poetry on old Valeryia and how Tyrion loves his wine. Lastly, I enjoyed seeing Stannis talk to Samuel Tarley about how to kill the white walkers.

Speaking of Staniss, I do hope that he’s not making a tactical mistake bringing his wife and daughter along with him onto the battle field. I don’t put anything past the Boltons at this point, even flaying a young child living. I didn’t like knowing that Ser Jorrah has grey scale, that’s going to be an interesting subplot later on though. It’s unsettling to think of what can go wrong next for the remaining protagonists. I know better than to expect happy endings from GOT though.

No music video today since I wrote this review on my phone. I’ll try and post the next review on time tomorrow though.