Game of Thrones 6.4 Review “Book of The Stranger”

*Spoiler warning: A one, a two, a three: this blog contains spoilers on Game of Thrones. This blog does not contain how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsy Pop.*

Hello again readers new and old, I come to you all bearing my thoughts on the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Like any episode, they stuffed a lot of plot into one hour of television. Some moments were heart warming, others were very tragic, and many moments that were very well acted out and written overall.Rather than wasting your time with plot summaries since you’ve most likely watched the episode I’ll just state what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy.

What I enjoyed:

First of all, I literally felt my hear melt when I saw Sansa reunited with Jon Snow in the one of the opening scenes of the episode. The fact that it showed Sansa and Jon catching up on where they left off, saying “I wish we could go back and stop us from leaving that day”. That’s a sentiment I’m sure many fans share to some extent (including myself). In a similar manner, I enjoyed seeing Theon interact with Yara and how they became closer as siblings to each other. I loved seeing Dario and Jorah interact with one another to try and rescue Danny, but how Danny ultimately saved herself and became the new ruler of the Dothraki in the process. That scene at the end where Danny burns the Khal and his men alive was just so epic, I’m still geeking out about it! I enjoyed seeing how Tyrion is trying the diplomatic approach with the Masters of Yunkai by giving them time to adjust to slavery ending. It was great seeing how The Lannisters and the Tyrells are working together to fight the faith militant, and how Margery was trying to help her brother stay strong. Lastly, I enjoyed seeing how Jon is getting ready to start pushing back against Ramsay, who is becoming progressively more evil with each episode. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ramsay became an evil cartoon of his former self by the end of the season.

What I didn’t enjoy:

I haven’t read the books for GOT, but I have read about some of the plot lines on Wikipedia (*prepares for impending fan rage in comments section*). It’s hard to say since the main storyline for the books is waiting for the next book to be released, but I get the feeling the show is starting to abandon George RR Martin’s original vision a bit. Meaning that we keep getting so many happy outcomes this season and so few negative outcomes it’s starting to not feel like the original storyline. The overall theme of GOT is to say that war just makes everything worse, but here we see Danny getting a huge army, and Jon Snow coming back from the dead to fight the monster Ramsay Bolton to reclaim the north. Speaking of Ramsay, I’m so pissed at he how killed off Osha with that flaying knife. It was by far the most rushed character death I’ve seen on this show since Ned Stark’s beheading. Oh well, GOT isn’t supposed to be all sunshine and rainbows. More like it’s the only cult crowd show on TV that isn’t supposed to give people happy endings (fan service aside). I guess we shall see where things will lead us in the next few episodes.

Today’s song will be Bruce Cockburn’s “If I had a Rocket Launcher” because the lyrics tell of the struggles of war and it’s aftermath. I love that damn guitar solo!



  1. Jon · May 17, 2016

    I keep loving this season more and more with each episode. Dany single/handedly killing every single Khal as their Khalasars bore witness was beyond epic. And of course the feels from seeing the only Stark reunion EVER, haha. I feel like Tyrion is totally Abe Lincoln in Meereen, trying to diplomatically end slavery and avoid civil war at the same time. It worries me because ASOIAF is entirely reflective of history, and Honest Abe didn’t fare too well, but we’ll see! I am excited to see how the Lannister/Tyrell plan plays out, but every character in that room(Jaime&Cersei, Kevan, Olenna) all have secondary motives besides their children’s well-being. Remember what happened the last time King’s Landing opened up the gates for an allegedly friendly army? I feel the shitstorm coming in the south, and I can’t wait. Also, while mentioning the Capitol, has anyone really been after the Iron Throne at all lately? Seems that not too long ago there were at least five kings pining over it. Now, Dany has her hands full dealing with slavers in Meereen, Balon is dead and the fate of the Iron Islands will depend on the kingsmoot(totally happening next week, is it Sunday yet?!) and Tommen, the actual King on the throne, not even a central character imo, has no idea about what’s going on in the realm, let alone running it. He hasn’t the slightest clue about dragons or white walkers, he’s too preoccupied trying and failing to keep his own wife and mother safe. When was the last time anyone even say the throne? King’s Landing is rotting from the inside out and is absolutely ripe for the picking.

    • kevinthemusicguy · May 18, 2016

      I love listening to you talk about GOT, we should shoot the the shit on some upcoming theories one of these days. You’re an avid book reader, so I’ll ask what your take is on how I said that “the show is abandoning the vision of the books”. Is there truth to that? Or could these be things that are to come for the last book?

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