Walking Dead 6.10 Review: “The Next World”

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Kevin Card

*Spoiler warning courtesy of Buzz Lightyear*


Hello again everyone, Kevin here bringing you the analysis on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. I just wanted to let people know that the reason I always open up with a “filler” paragraph is so when I post these reviews to Facebook the text doesn’t bleed over and reveal any spoilers for those who didn’t want to see them. I like to consider it an extra insurance policy to prevent people from getting upset over spoilers.

Speaking of filler, I often hear comic book Gatekeeping fans get upset at the show every season due how slowly the story drags on. These people need to remember that these are two different mediums, and television shows need to reach syndication (100 or more episodes). It’s especially worth mentioning that lately The Walking Dead has returned to referencing the source material at a rate that…

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  1. Opinionated Man · March 8, 2016

    I hope everything is going ok Kevin!

    • kevinthemusicguy · March 8, 2016

      Thanks Jason! It’s going pretty good overall, I have a blog I’m writing to post tonight. Otherwise I’m working in the studio with my band to record our next demo. Could I ask a favor and ask that you share that demo with your followers when it’s ready? That would be awesome. Btw, how have things been on your end?

      • Opinionated Man · March 8, 2016

        If you create a post about it I’ll share it. Just email it my way bud! Things are good and I am running two blogs now. 🙂

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