Walking Dead 6.7 “Heads Up” Review

*Spoilers: a warning for the many, and an annoyance for the few. Where will this episode lead us? Find out! Same Bat Time! Same Bat Channel!*

Okay, that has to be one of the sillier spoiler warnings I’ve ever done. Oh well, at least I know I haven’t lost sense of humor while being hyped up on caffeine. What say you folks, would you like my reviews to be more humorous and less preachy? I think it would probably help expand my reading audience. Let me know in the comments after you finish reading. Now then, onto the show.

Now that I have a paragraph blocking out any preview text spoilers, let’s all rejoice now that GLENN IS ALIVE!!! Like oh my God, no way! And we find out in the first few minutes of the episode as well! I’m smiling right now just typing this, and I hardly ever smile. 🙂 This was an awesome episode with many high notes, and just a few WTF moments along the way. I will elaborate more as I explain what I liked and didn’t like.

What I liked: The obvious highlight of the episode was seeing that Glenn was alive and how he survived by crawling underneath the dumpster while the walkers munched on Nick’s corpse. I may have missed something, but I’m guessing that block of the heard must have walked away after hearing something else. It was great seeing the interactions between Glenn and Evelyn, especially that scene with she points a gun at Glenn in the restaurant. I enjoyed seeing Maggie realize Glenn is alive via those balloons that were sent out. It’s also interesting to see Rick return to his Ricktatorship vibe at times. Lastly, I enjoyed how they built up that church slowly crumbling during the episode to show how it collapsed the wall. Next week’s episode is going to be super intense. Now for the WTF moments…

What I didn’t enjoy: Can we all get an explanation as to why Caroll almost carried Judith away to follow Morgan? That’s just so rash for Caroll that it’s out of character for her. Also, Morgan should just release the Wolf leader back into the wild instead of healing him. That’s just plain reckless. Hell, Batman in Batman Begins let’s Ras Al Ghoul die by that train crashing at the end of the film, not all pacifists are blind to the dangers of letting killers like the Wolf leader stay alive. Lastly, I feel like they’re just using Father Gabriel for comedic relief at this point. He’s lost relevance to the overall plot. Other than that, I have no complaints about this awesome episode, definitely a great reveal and a solid build up to next week.

I’m excited for the midway season finale next week, and since the walls have been broken into and everyone felt the tension this episode, here is a link too Breaking Benjamin’s song “Breakdown”:


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