Game of Thrones 5.3 and 5.4 Review

*Spoiler warning: warnings of spoilers that are now two weeks old. Game of Thrones latest episode will be on in less than an hour, and I did a good job in keeping up with those deadlines…*

Self criticizing sarcasm aside, these latest episodes have had amazing writing with incredibly dissapointing plot points for the protagonists of story. GRRM is skilled at creating great characters and then making them falter in incredibly dissapointing ways (other than just killing them off, that is).

As always, I see no point in plot sumarries given that these episodes have been out a while. I may start plot summaries again once I find the time to write weekly reviews rather than bi-weekly reviews though. Anyways, here’s what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy.

What I enjoyed: It was very nice to see the two things Ramsay fears; men more powerful than him and the prospect of marriage to end his little play world. It was also nice to see Tyrion returning to his oldself while he spoke to that prostitute treating her like an actual human being rather than a tissue. I’m fond of seeing Jaime Lannister trying to do right by his children and rescue his daughter from the serious danger she’s in. Lastly, I think Staniss is a better character now than he was in all of the previous seasons with how he’s trying to liberate the north.

What I didn’t like: Seeing Sansa being married to Ramsay would give me menstrual cramps if I were a woman. Like seriously, it’s stressing me out to think of how bad things have been for Sansa and how much worse they could be being married to the biggest sociopath in all of Westeros. I believe Ramsay to be the literary incarnation of George RR Martin’s hatred of his fans demands for more happy endings. I also hate how fucking evil Cersei has become since I was hoping that the High Sparrow subplot would be used to redeem Cersei, instead she just used the Faith Militant to further her goals for power. I don’t think Cersei’s daughter should be hurt, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the Dornish overthrow her rule. Lastly, I’m unsure if Ser Barristen is actually dead, but I won’t hold my breath given how many characters die in this show.

I’m often told people have a love/hate relationship with Game of Thrones, and I can see why. GOT is a great show, but not for those who love happy endings. I like happy endings, but I also like something different. Game of Thrones is one of those different shows that I will keep watching, always.

Here’s hoping Theon regains his something of his sannity, but I think he’s also better off being disconnected from reality the way he has been lately as well. Time (and book spoilers) shall tell.


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