Recap on Walking Dead 4:04 and 5:05

So I missed the deadline to review these episodes when they were fresh, so to make up for it and catch up for this week I’m going to give a brief recap on what I did and didn’t like about episodes four and five of The Walking Dead.

5:04- My only real complaint about this episode is that things only revolved around Beth and a bunch of throw away characters we were just introduced to. What I did enjoy is the blatant metaphor for control by the Government and police forces that we’ve seen in the last couple of years. From Officer Gorman’s creepy and sexual predator type advances towards Beth, and the scene of Beth climbing down the elevator. This episode was unsettling because of how twisted the members of the hospital are, though the walkers helped.

5:05- This episode had to be the screwiest of the season so far with how the pacing went, the random switches to Abraham’s flashbacks, and the sex scene where Eugene was spying on Abraham and Lolita (which is also a direct reference to the comics). This episode was my least favorite of the season so far aside from the references to the source material and the scene where Eugene uses the water cannon to kill all of the walkers. When Eugene fessed up to being a fraud, which was probably the most shocking moment in the season so far.

And so the next episode of The Walking Dead comes on in under 20 minutes from when I post this, which means I will review the new one later tonight or tomorrow morning.


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