So what does it mean to “die with dignity”?

An insightful and touching piece, also one that raises a good question. Personally, I sympathize with people like Maynard rather than just criticize their decision. Also, in my mind to “die with dignity” is to accept death without fear after you feel you have lived the way you wanted to live your life.

Sarahbeth Caplin

I have been thinking a lot about Brittany Maynard. She’s been on my mind ever since I heard her tragic story, because it was released to the media just after my father died of cancer. Other than Robin Williams, I’ve never felt grief this big for someone I didn’t know personally.

I think it’s because I have an idea of where her family is emotionally right now (but only an idea). My pain is still fresh and raw, and that’s without having my grief under a national spotlight.

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