Power Blogging: Quantity vs Quality?

“Power blogging” is a term used to describe blogging where you turn out at least one post a day, subscribe to as many blogs as humanly possible, re-blog posts, and guest write for more successful blogs to build an audience over time. If you’re successful at this process then you just built your own cult following here on WordPress (or any other blogging site for that matter).

The first name that pops into my head for a strong example of a power blogger is Opinionated Man, whom I read regularly and have a lot of respect for as a blogger for his well thought-out opinion posts. I don’t always agree with everything he posts, but we all have our own views on life. Check OM out if you haven’t already, you may either be highly offended or laugh your arse off depending on what he writes. Anyways, I’m going to adopt this technique for myself. I hope to start power blogging when I find more time to devote to this blog to build an audience for my arts magazine.

So far, I’ve taken the quality over quantity approach to blogging having less frequent posts (maybe five posts a month at most), but I’m happy to know I generally get a new follower every time I post something new. The two biggest obstacles to me pursuing Power Blogging is that I’m busy working full-time, and that my band takes a lot of free time after work since we are almost done with our first EP. Still, I’m not in any hurry and I won’t beat myself over the head for not having much free time at the moment since it’s better to be busy doing the things I love than to lie around doing nothing. So for the future I am going to start collaborating with other bloggers, reaching out to local bands I’d like to write about, and get back in the game on critiquing the latest music trends since quantity is a quality of its own kind (if done correctly).

However, I will do so at a pace that I am comfortable with and won’t torture myself with making personal deadlines that I can’t keep. So I will power-blog someday, but for right now I’ll just keep musing on music and reflecting on my life as we’re all people in progress.



  1. Opinionated Man · October 7, 2014

    Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    I wish you the best with your powerblogging dreams and goals. It takes a lot of work and finding your own style, but I think you get as much out of it as you put in! -OM
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  2. namenews · October 7, 2014

    The dude is a beast, but when you are passionate and expressing from the heart, I guess its easier than usual posters and bloggers. Nice post and video – sick band.

    • kevinthemusicguy · October 7, 2014

      I agree man, it gets easier with repetition. And I love Volbeat! I actually saw them live last week. They put on a great show, same with Five Finger Death Punch whom are sharing the same North America Tour.

  3. jaysentrueblood · October 7, 2014

    I only tend to reblog what I feel is really important. A quote. An article about education. I follow the educational system with a keen interest because a good education is essential. The problem anymore is that , thanks mainly to legislation, our educational system is bankrupt on common sense while trying to prove that you can turn flesh and blood into mindless drones.
    I guess my point is this: Quality definitely counts. But Most of what I blog is fiction. But there is fact there as well. Keep on keeping on. sooner or later, you’ll hit the magic bullet and have enough followers that read what you post. I know that I will definitely keep an eye on you.

    • kevinthemusicguy · October 7, 2014

      Quality will always have it’s place, especially since our education system is so broken as you mentioned. And I love good fiction, so I apprecciate your support and look forward to checking out your writing.

  4. Prosper B. Wealth · October 7, 2014

    Keep your eyes on the real prize.

    Don’t be discouraged.

    Celebrate your tiny wins.

    And lastly, be yourself.

    That’s how you win the powerblogging phenomena.

  5. relaxdamit · October 7, 2014

    There is enough room in the sandbox for all to play. To each their own…

  6. kellie@writingmoment · October 7, 2014

    I read this post because of OM’s reblog. I didn’t even know about power blogging until today! ha ha, I’m learning a lot and enjoying it right now. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. AprilEsutton · October 8, 2014

    Thanks for defining power blogging. Today is really the first time I heard it.

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