Modern Music

Is a complex subject to cover. I’m not going to say all modern music is awful since every generation has it’s great songs and terrible songs. However, I find my generations music is financially successful, but creatively bankrupt.

As a musician, I prefer songs with actual movement and variation, not the same thing repeated over and over again. When we do get a truly groundbreaking song to top the charts it catches on for a while, but then gets driven straight into the ground by being played 10 times a day on every radio station.

Most songs in the last few years have been about people partying stone drunk in clubs, making love in a truck by a creak, and bragging about how decadent their lifestyle is now that the singer is rich. If you like these types of subject matter in your music, then that’s your right and don’t let me stop you from enjoying it.

Personally, I’ll just keep praying for the day we can hear a badass heavy metal song on the charts again.  That, and  when we can hear more variety and meaning than just songs about clubbing and dancing.


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