I Did It For Me

A couple of months ago I saw a girl I liked was feeling sad because she wanted to be called beautiful, so I told her that I’ve always found to be astonishingly beautiful, and she thanked me saying I was very sweet. I know that now a days some women take offense to being complimented on their looks (and I know they ARE more than just their looks), but I took the risk anyways because I wanted to do it for me as much as I did it for her. Even if she ended up with someone else, I’m happy that I spoke my mind since I’ve lived my whole life trying to be completely selfless, and people have walked all over me for it. Having worked in sales, I know now that you need to look out for yourself first before you can help others since a little bit of arrogance is a healthy thing.

“I did it for me, it was fun and I was good at it, I was… alive.” Walter White


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