Naruto Chapter 666 Review and Discussion

*Spoilers Ahead*

It will come as no surprise to my Facebook friends that I will probably love Anime and Manga until the day I die. Well, even though I’m an adult my favorite Manga for right now is Naruto. With that said, I finally got off my lazy arse and decided to write a chapter review.

For a chapter numbered 666, the devil did not make a cameo; although series creator Masashi Kishimoto did give us the next closest thing with more flashbacks. Now that I have that joke out-of-the-way, I can summarize the chapter a bit.

For those who don’t know, the series lead characters Naruto and Sasuske are near death due to the actions of the most over powered Anime villain next to Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Z, Madara Uchiha. Madara has been betrayed by his old underling Obito Uchiha who was the former lead villain of the series. Obito is challenging Madara right now by taking away the source of his Sage powers, and Obito is re-teaming up with his childhood friend Kakashi to do it. Obito is looking to save Naruto with said power (the Tailed Beasts).

If you’re confused then maybe you should start from Chapter 1 of Naruto. Anyways, I felt this is one of the best chapters we’ve gotten in a long time from Kishimoto. It sucked to have another flashback stall things and still not know anything about the “mystery person” near Sasuske, but it’s nice to see some action scenes going on and seeing Obito doing something useful for once rather than blabbing on about despair and whining over his childhood crush who he witnessed die (Rin). I really enjoyed seeing Obito and Kakashi team up against an impossible to beat foe, and now we might finally see Naruto back on the battlefield soon. Lastly, it’s nice to see things progress forward in the story unlike last week where it felt like Kishimoto was stalling the story line.

Overall I’d give the chapter 8 out of 10. If there are any Naruto fans out there feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section. Also, once I catch up on Bleach and One Piece I’ll start doing reviews on those too someday.


My Aspirations for the Future

I’ve hatched a plan to someday start my own online arts magazine dedicated to interviewing and reviewing locals artists, actors, musicians, and dancers. I want to revive life into the local American arts scene. I’ll be encompassing every genre, every bit of interesting news, and every exceptional individual starting off with my blog here on WordPress (likely starting out with many local artists in my home state of Massachusetts). I am going to promote starting through social media reaching out to people for coverage in exchange for page shares, then reaching out to any news outlet I possibly can once I get a big enough reputation. I plan to assign editors to each branch who also know their stuff in regards to the assigned type of art.

If anyone has any suggestions please reach out to me at, leave a comment here, or come like me on Facebook. Any spam will be deleted.