The Top Things I Will and Will Not Miss About College

Sing the Alma Matter, sign the degree, get out your funny hats, and let’s party. I’ve graduated college with a bachelor of science in Journalism and a minor in Music. So what that means is hopefully I can find a job before the debt collector comes a knock knock knockin’ on my door. Pray for me folks, I’ll need all the help I can get. But, since this the final days of me being an Undergrad are here I think I will take the time to come up with a list to acknowledge the things I will and will not miss after I’m gone from campus.

What I will miss: 

1. My friends and professors- Of course I may come up to visit occasionally since I don’t intend to burn any bridges, but I will miss seeing my friends old and new. From my bros and platonic girlfriends in the freshman residence halls to my closest allies in my final years at school. You guys have been there for me through thick and thin, and though some turned out to be bad eggs, I’m glad to have met you all. These last four years have been an interesting Journey. Also, my professors in both departments are excellent at their jobs, even if some of my opinions vary from theirs radically.

2. Having my own independent thinking space- it was nice to have my own rooms despite moving often because I could focus my thoughts and listen to my favorite music at loud volumes. Of course the loud volume has gotten me noise complaints in the past, but I just wanted to live while I was young and enjoy my music at substantial volume. I know I will have to be more respectful in the future with my neighbors and such.

3. Yoga Pants- I’m going to off on a limb here and say that girls check out guys, guys check out girls, some people check out the same gender, and others don’t look at all. It’s human nature, but so often what we (guys especially) forget about that the person is more than just a nice butt or a good pair of… eyes. Personally when I see a women, I see a person and a human being who also happens to have amazing physical features. Which leads me to state that Salem State is the Yoga Pants capital of Massachusetts and it was fun to behold it for so many years and even coin the acronym GWYP (Girls Wearing Yoga Pants) with my roommate Sean this past semester. That being said, I’ve stared too much over the years, especially for a man who has been engaged for three years (my fiancee Annie is fine with it, but still). So for this ladies of Salem State, I truly apologize: just know you look fantastic in those pants!

4. My Jobs- Some jobs were a nightmare to work that never fit with me, but I found a good niche in with the Music Department and IT as well as the Salem State Log. The amounts of crap people give me and IT for “sucking at your job” is unbelievable. We are hard-working and intelligent people. I’ve had my fair share of disagreements with a past boss and I hated the hour cuts via a bad budget, but my bosses still treated me better than my old bosses at McDonald’s ever did (I am still mad at McArches, but also happy to not be in fast food anymore). I am glad to have worked with the fine folks of the Music Department and IT at Salem State, and with luck these jobs shall lead me to find a REAL job rather than just fast food.

What I Won’t Miss (no offense meant to anyone): 

1. The Shuttle- I mean no disrespect to the drivers and phone people, but the student shuttle has proven to be unreliable too many times. From taking too long to pick some one from going way over the estimated time of arrival to not taking people to the mall on weekends, it’s been a bit of a pain. I wish the shuttle more luck and better funding in the future, just know I’d rather own a car instead if I had the money for it (same goes the MBTA).

2. Navigator- I don’t want to look like a hypocrite for my comments about IT earlier, but I just I never enjoyed using the website it’s self for it’s design and the difficulty of access. I am glad I only have to log into it a few more times to see my grades, and then I am just done with it. Forever.

3. Residence Life Purists- Now let me please clarify, I have not hatred towards the department of Residence Life and the people who work for it. They are just people doing their jobs to the letter, and doing said job very well. What I dislike are the people who happen to just let the job go to their heads by enforcing the rules like a hall monitor in a Catholic elementary school. Getting deeply offended when people use the term “dorm” isn’t worth the frustration. I know a dorm is where a person sleeps, and the residence halls are a community with many activities, but the way the residence halls are set up, they are hot beds for drama. I know where you guys are coming from since I used to be the same way; I play bass guitar player (not regular guitar), and it used to offend me deeply when people called my instrument a “guitar”. People (even trained musicians) still call my instrument a guitar and for me it just wasn’t worth being offended over, and the same rule should apply to you guys because people will keep saying “dorm” as the term is more widely used by the average person.

4. Room Mate Drama- Excluding my friends on Facebook and elsewhere, I’ve just had way too much crap go down the last few years that it’s probably left me permanently scarred and mentally aged by ten years. I’ve dealt with hoarders, neat freaks, and people extremely envious of the love that Annie and I share. The latter category is the one that bothers me the most; from being threatened online through a 20 paragraph Facebook message, to dealing with false rumors that Annie was pregnant. It’s been a real fun time dealing with immature and stupid people. I’m glad to be done with bad eggs and all of the drama they cause since I will be back with my family and eventually move into my own place with Annie. I know that tomorrow will be brighter than yesterday, and that living well is truly the best revenge.

I hope my views have not upset anyone, but as a Journalist I suppose that comes with the territory. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, and may all of the other holidays be good too. Congrats to my self for completing a major obstacle in life. Now let’s hope the world DOESN’T end on the 21st, and that 2013 turns out to be a good year for us all.


Kevin James Card.

P.S. To any Grammar Nazi reading this, I know I crossed active and passive voice and didn’t use AP format at all. Deal with it. I structure my personal pros the way I want too.

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